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Vidal Shelter is a non-profit association through which we aim to provide shelter and protection to children who are, due to their social circumstances, at risk of child labor, child marriage, child trafficking and other unfortunate life situations, bringing them into school and a safe home.

These children are provided with an education from early infancy up to 18 years of age. This vital environment grants them the chance to grow and mature into prepared young adults, helping them to move on to university studies if they wish to do so.



Children who are sheltered, protected and in school are less likely to be victims of egregious, but widespread human rights abuses. No child should ever be exploited or traded.

Our mission in Vidal Shelter is to guarantee and protect the access to a dignified home for children in the most disadvantaged and developing countries.

We also work towards achieving universal social inclusion for girls and women in countries where their human rights are not guaranteed.





Ethiopia is considered to be one of the most underdeveloped nations in the world. In the HDI (Human Development Index) for 2019 published by United Nations Development Program, Ethiopia ranks 173 from 189 countries analyzed. 

Ethiopia holds one of the highest infant and maternal mortality rates in the world.


Infant mortality rate between 0 -1 years old: 12%.

Infant mortality rate between 0 -5 years old: 18%.


Malnutrition in children under 5: 52%.

UNICEF reports there are 6 million orphans in Ethiopia.

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Our philosophy in Vidal Shelter stems from the believe that the best way to ensure protection, education and a dignified life to the orphaned and vulnerable children would be by building a shelter home for them to live in. Vidal Shelter provides the financial means to construct and sustain these safe homes.

By living in a safe home, the children are provided with the care they need, promoting their welfare through proper feeding, the necessary visits to the doctor, as well as keeping them safe from precarious, even life-threatening, social circumstances.

Our values are commitment, transparency, social responsibility, rigor and continuity.








“India is home to 31 million orphaned children", according to UNICEF.


Times of India reported in 2014 that 9 out of 10 of the 11 million abandoned children in India are girls.

Most of these girls, abandoned by their families, are given into child trafficking or used as unpaid laborers.

On the other hand, elderly and widowed women are often denied even basic rights such as food, healthcare and are thrown out of their homes by their families falling into poverty, isolation and social exclusion.




Our shelter project in India for girls in Kalmanikkapuram, in the Tamil-Nadu State, has been completed. It has become the home to 60 girls.

In this shelter, the girls receive care from adult Indian women, who have suffered social exclusion themselves by their husbands or families, so through this project we are also helping relieve the social situation of the elderly women who have been abandoned.

Vidal Shelter will be a place where the homeless will get home, helpless will get help, oppressed by the society will get consolation, those who have lost hope in their life will get hope, those who have lost human dignity will get dignity and respect, those who didn´t have basic needs will get all basic need (shelter, food, cloth) and those who are longing for love, concern, care and support will get everything. So, Vidal Shelter will be a home for love for the orphan/semi orphan girls and aged women.

Father Johnson Edinbergh, Director of the diocesan social center at Dindigul, Tamil Nadu, India.

In Meki, Ethiopia, we give financial support to “Let Children Have Home”, managed by Fundación Pablo Horstmann. Home to over 40 orphans, it is also a day-care center for over 25 children under 6 years old, whose mothers must leave them to work.

We also support the OVC (Orphan and Vulnerable Children) program in this community. The OVC program offers support for health, food and education to the orphans who live with families from their community, and it has provided assistance to over 200 families.



Vidal Shelter is an independent organization, not linked to any political or religious cause.

The full amount of the donations goes towards the care and shelter of the children, since all administrative expenses are covered personally by the Board members.

​We are committed to making our idea for the shelter a reality. We have received an incredibly generous response. Many people from around the world are working with us to bring this shelter to life.

​Too many children born in impoverished communities around the world must overcome enormous obstacles simply to survive. How do we share resources with those who most need them?

Patricia Rojas

President of the Vidal Shelter Association

+1 4157170503  Patricia Rojas


+34 606444180  Patricia Rojas


BANCO DE SANTANDER ACCOUNT: IBAN ES59 0049 1893 0625 1207 7981

Once you donate, please send us an email with the details so we can provide you with a Donation Certificate.



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